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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Crash, a Wreck and Car Bike Racks

A few days ago I was driving with my little brother Jan to a town called Hallodays. We had no clue where we were exactly, but at least we knew the name of the town. It was somewhere in Colorado, a state that usually implies snow, great mountains or parties after skiing the whole day. But his place was different. It had nothing in common with these attributes that sound like fun. This place was pretty much the opposite of a “fun place”. Hallodays was a town in the middle of nowhere: No snow, no greens and primarily no people.

Now you are probably wondering what I did there? The answer is the one that is common for trips like this: bike racks! Ok, not everyone is such a huge fan of bikes and all these kinds of bike accessories, but I recommend sharing this interest with me. No other passion lets you see places like Hallodays, where probably no tourist has ever been. Two hundred people are living over there and surely everyone knows each other. But as you can imagine, the weird town was not the actual reason why I traveled there with my brother. It was the area around. There is likely no other place in the world, where you can drive as fast as you want and check out the performance of your auto’s engine. But as I mentioned, driving my car just to check the engine’s performance did not bring me there.

My intention was to find out if the bike racks installed on my truck are able to hold the bikes my brother and I stored there. I am kind of extreme, so I had to make sure that my new bike rack is good enough for my beloved bikes. Of course, the advertisements promised all possible features of the racks, but who can trust the commercial in days like these where everyone wants to sell his stuff, no matter what lies it costs?

So I ended up there and started proving the truth of the commercials by driving 100 miles an hour. Fortunately the commercials did not lie and the bike racks worked so great that I could leave the middle of nowhere after an hour. Till now the story does not seem special, but this will change very soon. During my attempt to escape from this place, my right tire popped and I crashed against likely the only tree standing there. I did not remember everything due to this accident, but I know exactly how I felt after looking in the eyes of my brother. He was crying and his head was bleeding, but it was a huge relief when I saw that he moved his legs and arms. In comparison to him, my condition was pretty good. My head was hurting and my legs were bleeding, but this was it pretty much. So I considered helping my brother as soon as possible. I called the 911 and after about an hour they reached Hallodays. The emergency guys took him in the ambulance and I drove with them to the next hospital one hundred miles away. Remember, we were in the middle of nowhere, so I got more scared just because of the time we needed to get to our destination. After one and a half ours we arrived at the hospital and all the things that happened afterwards I just know from my brother. To make it short: After spending two days in the hospital he was able to leave. He just had a concussion and a couple of cuts.

What do you think we did after my brother got back home? Exactly, we returned to Hallodays to see, what happened with our car. And just as I thought, it was totally busted. There was just one thing that survived this horrible crash: the bike rack! So I learned my lesson from this experience. Trust the commercial and avoid the hell, at least as long as you can, bad boys.

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