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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cadillac XLR - high class, a super technology !

The Cadillac XLR has all the elegance and class that people have come to expect from the Cadillac name. The XLR is loaded with new state of the art technological features and is one of the quickest and high performance automobiles that Cadillac has ever produced.

The XLR is modeled after the design of stealth aircraft fighters and this can be seen with the aerodynamic look and sleek design style. The XLR features bumper-to-bumper curves with a strong Cadillac grill and vertical headlights. Both of the bumpers on the XLR are the color of the body and the paint is clear coat monotone.

The convertible power roof on the XLR features a glass rear window and a rollover power roof. The retractable top on the car allows for maximum convenience for the driver since it can be opened and closed with a single button. The XLR can change from a coupe to a roadster in less than 30 seconds. The top retractable panel on the XLR is constructed from a composite of magnesium and aluminum. The XLR features a heated glass backlight as well as rear quarter glass windows.

The interior cabin of the XLR is pure luxury as Cadillac has been at the forefront in luxury interior in its past models. Some of the new features on the XLR are a head-up display, heated and cooled leather seats, keyless action with push button starting capabilities, and a DVD navigation and entertainment system. The XLR features unique eucalyptus wood that comes in a choice of light or dark tones and have aluminum accents. The Italian luxury brand Bvlgari specially designed the gages on the XLR. The stereo in the XLR gives concert sound with the 9 Bose speakers spread throughout the cabin playing a premium XM AM/FM/Satellite with clock and seek-scan capabilities. For convenience the stereo controls on the XLR are placed on the steering wheel. One of the state of the art features is the DVD entertainment system that comes with Internet capabilities.

The XLR has superior handling capabilities as the car has Stabilitrack electronic stability, adaptive suspension, and double wishbone rear suspension. The braking system on the XLR feature 4-wheel disc brakes that are vented in the front wheels. This allows for the XLR to have excellent braking abilities even when traveling at accelerated speeds. The XLR handles wonderfully around corners as it has rack and pinion steering as well as rear air shocks and ABS & driveline and Magnetic Ride control that give the car maximum traction.

The XLR features a powerful 4.4L V8 engine that has 443 horsepower and hits a top speed of 155 mph and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds.

Cadillac designed a magnificent car with the XLR with all the advanced features and the sense of class, which is a Cadillac trademark. Besides being at the forefront of luxury automobiles the XLR has the power and drivability that is typically reserved for sportscars. The convertible top and curvaceous features give the XLR a look of elegance and speed, and add to it Cadillac's trademark luxury, the XLR is an automobile that has no peers.

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Anonymous said...

Cadillac XLR really is a great car to have...class and elegance are intact with it..

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